Your Partner in Community Philanthropy

Professional advisors are key partners in our work to reimagine giving and charitable fund use locally. We support your charitable giving and planning work by offering more than our expertise. We can customize philanthropic options for your clients that deliver meaningful impact on the causes that are most important to them.

Our team is uniquely positioned to help your clients achieve their philanthropic and charitable giving goals, in ways that aren’t available through other organizations or strategies. Often, they might not be aware of their choices, or realize the difference their philanthropy could make. With our guidance and support, you can make certain your clients’ giving aligns with their passions and that their gifts fill real life, real-time charitable needs and create long-term philanthropic solutions within their community. This can help you deepen your client relationships, connect with family members across generations, and expand your personal role.

ETF could be a good fit for your clients and their philanthropy if they:

  • Care deeply about their local community and are interested in creating a personal or family legacy through endowed giving
  • Give to more than one charitable cause
  • Are interested in exploring more giving options
  • Would like to understand powerful financial tools available if committed to a single cause
  • Are considering setting up a private foundation and would like to minimize the complexity and administrative costs of doing so
  • Place priority on sound financial management of their gift, and potentially want to stay personally involved in its use
  • Wish to receive the maximum tax benefit for their charitable giving under federal law

When you partner with ETF, we are a flexible resource for you. You remain in control of your relationship with your client, and make the decision on when and how to involve us.

Ways we can help:

  • Discuss specific charitable giving scenarios; serve as a thought partner about cash flow, tax implications for heirs, and solutions that alleviate difficulties
  • Consult to structure a gift method that meets your client’s goals (it might not even involve writing a check)
  • Provide you with insightful materials, research, and other data
  • Attend joint meetings with your clients, when appropriate

To learn more or to arrange an introductory meeting, please contact our Advancement professionals at ad*********@et*.org.