East Tennessee Foundation (ETF) Grantmaking Process

  1. ETF publicizes the Request for Proposals (RFP) – on our website, through press releases, and on social media
  2. Letter of Intent (LOI) or application is available online
  3. Technical Assistance workshop is conducted – optional
  4. ETF monitors online LOI/application activity and works closely with applicants
  5. Due diligence as outlined in ETF’s Due Diligence Policy is performed for all submitted LOIs/applications *see note below
  6. Completed applications are sent to grant panel (for field-of-interest funds) or advisory board (for affiliate funds) members for their review and evaluation
  7. Grant panel/advisory board members conduct site visits or phone calls with applicant organizations where possible
  8. Grant panel/advisory board members attend a grant panel meeting, at the conclusion of which they make their funding recommendations
  9. Grant recommendations are processed by ETF staff and sent for approval by ETF’s President + CEO
  10. Letters are mailed to all applicant organizations, informing them of the status of their application – award or denial
  11. Grant awards are publicized through press releases, on ETF’s website, and in ETF’s newsletter
  12. Grantee reception is organized to celebrate grant recipients – optional

*If there are LOIs: 

  • ETF staff evaluates each LOI and determines which organizations will be invited to continue the application process
  • Organizations are informed if they are invited to submit a full application or not
  • Applications are submitted and reviewed for completeness