Washington County Community Foundation

An Affiliate Fund of East Tennessee Foundation

General Description

Provides support for innovative programs that benefit Washington County and its people.

Application Process

This fund will not be administering a competitive grant process in 2024.

Grant Amounts and Terms

Grants were awarded in July 2023 for two-year terms and range up to $50,000.

The grant term is August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2025.

Areas of Focus

Preference will be given to collaborative proposals which involve the work and service of at least two or more organizations. Washington County Community Foundation seeks to support projects that promote life literacy. Life literacy skills are those that support the economic, cultural, social, and educational wellbeing  of Washington County’s children, youth, and adults. What follows are examples, but not a comprehensive listing, of life-literacy focused projects:

  • Access to knowledge of nutritious foods and access to those foods
  • Pathways to healthy habits and access to healthcare (preventative)
  • Programming which provides stimulating and explorative environments from birth to age 5
  • Opportunities to develop reading and literacy skills for education and enjoyment
  • Information to successfully manage and operate one’s household
  • Tools for sound financial decision-making: budgeting, financial planning, and choices for success
  • Skills to develop independence and self-sufficiency
  • Activities which encourage citizenship, volunteerism, and leadership to create a sense of belonging

Who May Apply

The Washington County Community Foundation (previously the Harris Fund for Washington County) was endowed by Ms. Eva Stanley Harris, a Washington County native, in memory of the Harris Family of Johnson City to honor their spirit of philanthropy and legacy of community service. The Fund encourages creative use of area resources and promotes the improvement of the quality of life of Washington County residents.

  • Click here for General Eligibility and Funding Criteria.
  • Additional criteria specific to the Washington County Community Foundation:
    • Project only serves residents of Washington County
    • Proposal addresses currently unmet needs
    • Proposal does not include programs or services currently provided and funded via general operations budgets
    • Has at least a 20% match of funding requested (cash, in-kind donations of goods and/or services, or a combination of both)
    • Demonstrates a significant impact on the community via qualitative and quantitative data (measurable deliverables)
    • Demonstrates a viable sustainability plan for funding future operations beyond the initial two-year grant period

Additional Information

For questions about the online grant application system, please contact:
Ashley Siferd Butler, Director of Competitive Grants, or
Rachel Schott, Director of Scholarships

For questions about the Washington County Community Foundation, please contact our advancement team.

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To Make a Donation

Click HERE for information about making a donation to Washington County Community Foundation through our automated giving site or by mailing a check.