Unrestricted Funds

Unrestricted funds are “opportunity” funds, allowing the Foundation board and staff to make strategic grants when opportunities arise. Most Foundation funds are restricted to a particular county, cause, or nonprofit. Unrestricted funds allow strategic delivery of charitable dollars which will have the greatest benefit for East Tennessee.

The following is a listing of our Unrestricted Funds: 

  • A. C. Masingill, Jr. Memorial Fund
  • Anna G. Schmidt and Barbara M. Landauer Endowment Fund
  • Ira O. Johnson Memorial Fund
  • Marilyn L. Frank Opportunity Fund
  • Natalie Leach Haslam Fund
  • Opportunity Endowment Fund
  • Paul O. Dore, Jr., and Betty B. Dore Unrestricted Fund
  • Samuel and Mary Anne Beall Fund

Operating funds provide an ongoing source of support for the operations of the Foundation.

  • Fowler Operating Endowment Fund
  • John M. Jones, III Operating Endowment Fund
  • Operating Fund
  • Unallocated Cash Reserves