Are you an aspiring philanthropist?

Let’s work together to fulfill your vision and help your community.

At East Tennessee Foundation(ETF), we believe that anyone can be a philanthropist. We know the varied needs of the communities we serve require a specialized philanthropic approach – and we’re experts at connecting donors to the geographic areas, organizations, and issues where their money, time, and contributions will have the most impact. We welcome the opportunity to help you learn more and grow as a philanthropist.

How we help build philanthropists in East Tennessee:

  • Connect personal interests and passions to real life, real-time charitable needs and long-term philanthropic solutions for those communities
  • Help interested donors think through outcomes, and ensure their donations fully align with their intent
  • Create a plan for personal or family giving to achieve shorter-term objectives, and longer-term philanthropic goals that achieve a lasting legacy

We also serve as a resource for donors to think through the issues associated with charitable gifts that might seem complicated at first – gifts like real estate, privately owned stock, or even a rare stamp collection! This level of strategic counsel is a key differentiator for ETF. Our team has the collective expertise, depth of knowledge, and resources to help you consider all aspects of this type of transaction, and ensure your gift is used to fill real community  gaps.