Family Connections Through Inspired Philanthropy

“Few kids who go to college do not need help,” Lynda Newton shared when asked what inspires her philanthropy.

Lynda deeply values education; a value she has passionately shared with her children and grandchildren over the years. Glyn and Lynda Newton established a donor advised fund with East Tennessee Foundation in 2010. For four years, until Glyn’s passing, they supported various scholarships and other educational opportunities throughout East Tennessee. Today, Lynda continues their legacy along with her grandchildren, Molly, Josh, Jon, Mary Claire, and James.

Inspired by Lynda’s brother and sister-in-law, every year, around the holiday season, Lynda asks her grandchildren what organizations they would like to support. Sharing this experience with her grandchildren, Lynda has seen each of them learn over time how to make a better or a different impact as they identify causes that are important to them.

For the past few years, Molly and Josh have given to their alma maters, helping fund scholarships they received as students. Mary Claire and James also give to the school they attended growing up, an institution to which they attribute their success. Jon regularly gives to a nonprofit he volunteered with through Eagle Scouts that he remains connected to today. Lynda is proud that each of her grandchildren earnestly considers their giving and while she would be pleased to recommend a grant to a variety of causes, she is glad they, too, value education.

As Glyn and Lynda’s legacy continues to help others further their education, Lynda is grateful to educate her family about philanthropy. She wants her grandchildren and others to understand that whether the impact is big or small, it’s important to give back. The thoughtful giving she has shared with Molly, Josh, Jon, Mary Claire, and James is a ripple effect Lynda hopes will continue to inspire for generations to come.